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Anthony had a flat tyre
I smashed my favourite lamp when a picture fell on my head


We went to The Sampler – Anthony was a bit timid at first, then the pair of us were well into it. If you have never been there, for those who follow this blog may remember from an eternity when I was in Stockholm, Terrenos Vinotek. Little pre-paid cards vend wine when you press a button. The people running it love dogs and wine. So you can tell it is not at all intimidating, not even for cat people like me. There is a big table in the middle of the room with a stack of wine books where you can read and read to your hearts content about regions, grapes and probably some arrogant prick wine growers but also some nice people too I imagine.

I did have a little chuckle to myself when a v posh bloke and his son, maybe 8 were talking about wines. The father was saying “Yes we have a lot of that one at home. It is a very drinkable wine. Expensive but we have a lot of it.” I turned to the guy to ask him what the wine was he was talking about and to have a taste. (It was totally out of this world – both taste and price). Anyway as the father and I were talking the kid piped up with “Do you have to go on about wine again Dad? Just because you like it doesn’t mean everyone else does.” HA HA HA.

We bought two reds – Pagos de la Sonsierra Rioja High Expression 2006 which (after further research when I got home) is supposed to be about the healing concept of wine. It came in a box that looks like medicine. All very strange. But delicious. It really did taste like Christmas.

The other was Le Fou Pinot Noir 2010 which is a pinot. (No shit Sherlock. I re-read and saw how obvs it was…) I learnt a new grape though – GAMAY. I can’t wait til I am an old wine prick. Going to The Cardinal’s Dad’s house for the wine tour that time was INCREDIBLE. But… Shit where was I? Le Fou really tastes like blueberries to me. And this wine would be for drinking with any pink meat (lamb, pork roll, bacon sandwhich, turkey.) And there was another red that I am gutted they ran out of.

Does anyone know where I can get a bottle without having to pay €20 shipping on top of the €25 bottle price?

Now, on the plus side to Anthony’s car getting a flat tyre, that meant we got to stay home and have fish and chips from Oliver’s  Fish and Chips home delivered. Soggy NO WAY Greasy NOT AT ALL. Highly reccommended. Delivering to postcodes N6, NW1, NW3 , NW5 , NW6 , NW8, NW11. Or if you are pikey and beg like me, N19 because we are on the boarder of NW5.

Another plus to the tyre situation was we went to The Southampton Arms and had a pork and apple roll. Lots of Marble on but NOT THE GINGER. I did have some toffee cider thing. If I could remember what it was I would tell you. Or ask Anthony he will know.

Then the creme de la creme for the whole weekend was hearing Anthony tell me tonight “I’ve just had my dinner. But you know what? This is a bit funny… I REALLY FANCY A GLASS OF WINE.”





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Use your credit card and topped up to whatever you choose to spend and pass the evening pressing the buttons to test every wine available. Light bar food also available.

TERRENOS VINOTEK Scheelegatan 12 Stockholm
Tel +46 (0)8 653 19 88