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The first time I went to Mason & Taylor, Anthony and I had a row because he was driving, I was starving, he didn’t want to go to a place where he couldn’t drink beer freely if he wanted because he was driving. Anyway sulks over, we went it and it was really great.

I can’t pretend I know loads about beer. What I do know I know from Anthony. Although now I can list a few places to go if some of your friends are really into beer and some of your friends aren’t or are curious to taste different types. All the beer stocked is from independent breweries from around the world – but having said that, many of the beers are local.

Mason & Taylor is the first place I drank Marble Ginger – which in my opinion is the best alcoholic ginger beer. After that is a Tesco’s brand one actually that’s good. But what is really good at Mason & Taylor is that you can get a flight – three thirds of beer from those on tap and have a little taste session. Equally, they will let you have a little taster before you order a whole pint of something.

They also do decent food as you would expect any pub these days would do. But the best thing about it is the variety of beers.

Welsh Rarebit

Blue Cheese, Walnut & Pear salad

Mason & Taylor
51-55 Bethnal Green Rd  London E1 6LA
020 7749 9670


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Oh Hai. It’s me. Rip Van Winkle who has come to life a bit after thousands of years to give you two posts in a row.

I don’t have any better quality pictures than this but this is my favourite restaurant in Paris (maybe) (I think probably). If you are totes over Hotel du Nord, just cross the canal and come here.

I think this is something like goats cheese ravioli in beef broth and some kind of pate with brioche toast. Other memorable meals were a while ago so I can’t remember all the gorey details but I do remember the best dessert of my life, and Goon’s and I think probably Anthony’s as well.

ME: Grapefruit segments in syrup with lime sorbet and mint

ANTHONY: Three mini creme brulée – one vanilla, one hazelnut and one pistachio.
Hang on it is coming back to me – for a started he had asparagus wrapped in a fine fine layer of pastry and then we both had cod and leek for our main dish.

GOON: Le Pain Perdu with caramalised brioche, caramel sauce and marshmallow icecream.


Les Enfants Perdus9 rue des récollets 75010 Paris
Tel. 01 81 29 48 26