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In Paris on the last night after ticking off the places we had on our list for a while, Anthony and I had no plan and no real clue what we wanted to do. We had though about Chez Omar on Rue de Bretagne which despite pretty ordinary reviews online is always chocka with a queue of people waiting for the tagines, chick peas and other Morrocan meals. Except every time we went, neither of us could be bothered queuing. So while we had been wandering around the past few nights, we had walked past a homemade looking cocktail bar place with a red lamp outside and a cocktail board with drinks containing cardamon pods, tarragon or lavendar.

And it was Happy Hour.

The place looked more it was in Brussels than Paris with old posters, retro furniture, weird things glued on the wall. The cocktails were all reasonably priced and most we had were great. Some were a bit shit. But it was major chill out vibes with some nice tits on the wall.

In my dream life, my place is halfway between Wildrick’s and Ladurée (well not actually Ladurée necessarily – more for the dining room vibes than the cake because I would always choose Patissure Pain du Sucre of Ladurée any day.)

Afterwards, we were a “bit peckish” and went local for some food.

At Al Taglio you buy the pizza by the kilo form the 8 or so different pizzas at the counter. They change constantly so my advice is dont stuff yourself the first time round. Its also good if you want to try a bit of all of them. Personal favourite is the potato and truffle cream.

Address: 27 rue de Saintonge, 75003
Hours: Open every day
Reservations: Reservations not accepted
Telephone: 09 50 48 84 06

or there is the main one

Address: 2 bis rue Neuve Popincourt, 75011
Hours: Open every day
Reservations: Reservations not accepted
Telephone: 01 43 38 12 00


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There is one little street in The Marais in Paris where I have to turn my head quickly each way to try and decide where I want to eat: Rue du Forez

Every time I go to Paris it make it my duty to visit Tartes Kluger – not just for the food I am going to eat, but also to check out if there is a new “zine” with nice recipes, interviews and illustrations or if Catherine Kluger as put out a new cook book. Also when I am there, I day dream about how the cafe is my ideal business model for the type of place I would like to have myself one day.

The menu is always the same: two or three types of savoury tartes, two or three types of sweet tartes, maybe some other kind of sweet dish like a fruit compote. And you can order a combination of one tart with a soup and salad or with dessert or not. All very straight forward. Then, what is presented to you on your plate is going to be the best “quiche” you ever had in your life.

These are a couple of pictures from a “historical visit” because my most recent visit I forgot to get the camera out until dessert…

This is Anthony’s Pear and Almond tart.

And this is my apple crumble tart.

I don’t think Anthony fully appreciated what I was on about when I said “We have to go to Tartes Kluger”. The pastry is perfect. The fillings are perfect. The only thing Anthony could say was “I would prefer individual tables rather than communal” – which I also agree on but at the same time, I don’t care.

I have three of the cookbooks now. Tartes salées et sucréesMini tartes sucrées et salées and the one I got this time, Millefeuilles which was all a bit too exciting for me. These books are all in French, which is a shame because the recipes are consistently fabulous and the basic pastry recipes really great, and I think if he could read them easily, Anthony would use to make me my own mini Tartes Klugers brunch every now and then.

Anyway if you want to get a nice brunchy lunch and want to eat something very French but don’t want to get conned into eating another greasy Croque Monsieur, I heartily recommend Tartes Kluger to you. Particularly as it is in such a mooch-worth area of Paris. A formula plate – Tarte, Soupe, Salad is €11.

Tartes Kluger
6 Rue du Forez  75003 Paris, France

And on the other side of the street, but actually the front door is on Rue Charlot is Nanashi. Which is a bit Japanesey, but Western, really fresh and clean tasting food.  You can have non-traditional Bento boxes with sort of Japanese meat, fish or tofu, with salad or rice or rice and quinoa. Deserts are also a bit French, a bit Japanese with things like Match tea cake or Chocolate and Yuzu fondant cake. I have been there three times now and the food is consistently good – and guaranteed Vegetarian for those who request it (and probably Vegan too upon request). Keep an eye out for the Demory Paris beer which is on sale and great for a French beer.

This was my Don de Boeuf – and under all that salad was rice and vegetables.

And this was Anthony’s Chirashi Saumon. He also had a massive block of tofu as a starter (a Hiyayakko) which I didn’t taste as I wanted to remember the bliss of the tofu I had at Verjus.

I was very into the radish on our plates that you can see in julienne with the black skin.

This was my green tea cake for dessert. The cake tin must has been greased, the sesame seeds lined the tin. There were also little raspberries hiding through the bottom layer of the cake and the top was sprinkled with dots of white chocolate. Heaven.

And the Chocolate and Yuzu fondant. I really like the flavour of yuzu – like a cross between an lemon and an orange but super tangy. I had a Yuza macaron while in Paris this time – it was definitely a new favourite.

Dinner here with two “cocktails du jour” which had pomegranite, raspberry and some kind of booze in them, and three courses cost €64. Without the cocktails, it would have been €50.


My preferred location: 57 rue Charlot – Paris 75003 T 01 44 61 45 49

Or the original one at : 31 rue de Paradis – Paris 75010 T 01 40 22 05 55