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I have written about Mrs B’s Cakery before and I am still not sure what kind of favourite it is, but is definitely one of something. Maybe just the hybrid word Cakery? It isn’t a patisserie because everything is too booyah made up to be that. And it isn’t a bakery because there is no bread. Anyway, while in Hong Kong if you want to explore around Hollywood Road, Cat Street and Gage Street then go back to your hotel room and stuff yourself on exquisite cake and watch HK TV I can fully recommend Mrs B’s as the place to go to get the cake before jumping in a taxi. Similarly, if you are travelling for a birthday or some other celebration and want to order a cake in, I would pick Mrs B’s again.

There is no seating or drinks available from the shop. It is not much bigger than the fridges the cakes are in. But there is some serious lemon curd and cheesecake going on.


The one on the left is my favourite – red bean!

Mrs B’s Cakery
39 Gough Street
Central, Hong Kong


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I don’t know if I thought there would be or wouldn’t be or even if cake was important in Hong Kong. I know sweet food is not high on the Chinese appetite but where ever I go, I like to know how many cake shops there are within walking distance. As it happens there are all sorts.

The first one I found out about is called Mrs B’s Cakery. Now I know Mr B. is already married so maybe he used to be shacked up with this one some time ago and turned her misery to cakes? The cakes all look a little something like Christian Lacroix tea time table with colours, pattern and embellishment and made me think they were going to taste a big mash of sugar, red bean paste and plastic. I was so wrong! Very clean and delicious flavours, my favourite of those I tasted was this:

“SUNSHINE” Lemon & Poppy Seed Chiffon filled with Tangy Lemon Curd and finished with Fresh Cream topped with Delicate Sugar Poppy Flower.  As for any sugar work the flower wasn’t so delicate. But the cake was.

“MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA” Simply Delicate…….Red Bean Crème on Chiffon Sponge with Lady Fingers. Sucha pretty colour.

“MADAME BUTTERFLY” Exotic & Intense blend of Beetroot, Pistachio & Chocolate layered Chiffon with Apricot Compote, Fresh Cream and crowned with Dark & White Chocolate. This is one of the signature cakes. I tell you something – I wasnt so impressed with the holes in the sponge on this one.

Anyway I have a couple of bites of each of these and flushed the rest down the toilet. All class.

39 Gough Street
Central, Hong Kong

A couple of days later I found out about this place Paul Lafayet. Whether it is true or not I don’t know, but apparently Paul Lafayet’s plan was to open a patisserie and have a sale every three minutes in the store. Within 12 months, this had been exceeded, he had paid back all he had invested and now has two stores. If it’s not tree, its a great story and what I heard on the fashion gossip grapevine in HK. The website makes me feel a bit sick like the Nespresso website – totally lifting you out of your mundane world to experience the universe with a Flash intro and lose yourself in the parallel patisserie existance…

Anyway different flavour research, clockwise from left: Sesame, Matcha Tea, Earl Grey, Ginger, Oolong Tea, Jasmine Tea.

Was it worth it? I tasted only what you could see eaten on the Seasame and Oolong and binned what was left. The Earl Grey and Jasmine were my surprise favourites. The ginger was great because it was fresh ginger in the filling. The Matcha was okay but nowhere near as good as Sadaruku Aoki. Same for the sesame macaron too.

Paul Lafayet

Windsor House: Shop G13, Windsor House, 311 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay. Tel: +852 3421-1982.
K11: G23, 18 Hanoi Road, K11 Mall, Tsim Sha Tsui. Tel: +852 3586-9621.