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If you would like to try a Yuzu eclair and a matcha tea cook, go to the Aki Boulangerie in Paris. Other pics and details here.


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Is it just me or does Cookie Monster actually say Asparagus Cookies? And if you haven’t heard the whole Sesame Street Fever album you should get it. I lost the cover to mine years ago but for about £7 on it is almost worth buying another.

Worlds Greatest Cookie

Allow me to present you with the World’s Greatest Cookie from the Booyah kitchens: Matcha, White Chocolate Chip and Pistachio Cookie Monster style cookies.

Here is the recipe:

150g soft brown sugar
50g dark brown sugar
110g butter
1 medium egg
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Measure all this stuff into a jug together:
165g plain flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
20 g matcha powder
10g cocoa powder

Save til the end:
100g white chocolate chips or chopped chocolate
100g whole pistachio nuts (not salted)


Oven: pre-heat to 190 degrees centigrade.
Lay a sheet of baking paper on each tray you will use (probably two cause this makes 8 cookies)
I am too lazy to do this any other way, I would recommend using an electric mixer cause the mix gets pretty thick but I am sure a strong arm and spoon will do.

Beat all the sugar and butter together in the bowl. It will after about 5 minutes go creamy and fluffy and kind of coffee and milk coloured. (15 minutes by hand.)
Add the egg and vanilla and beat some more.
Turn the mixer down to a speed as low as it will go so you don’t make a mega dust cloud and gradually all the jug full of dry ingredients. You will be able to turn the mixer up as stuff combines. Now at this point, the mixture will be khaki and you will think “I want mine a little bit more matcha coloured.” Put colouring in it by all means if you want. I am not adverse to chemicals – but use colouring paste rather than liquid cause you will need loads of liquid colouring and it will change the consistence of the dough.
Time to add the chocolate chips and pistachio nuts. If your mixer won’t handle it, do it by hand. If you do use a mixer, don’t over mix cause you don’t want to bust up all the bits.
Once it is all combined, divide the mixture up into 8 balls (the will be approx 100g each FYI). Put the balls out on the trays lined with paper. Make sure you leave enough space for these mutthas to spread. Squish them down just a little bit with your hand so they are like half as high NOT completely flat.
Bake in the over for 10-12 minutes. They will seem super soft when you take them out but they will set when they cool down (leave them on the tray for a bit before moving).

Stuff your face.


And if you don’t believe me about Sesame Street Fever, here is my favourite track from the album “Has Anybody Seen My Dog?”