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Okay already there have been loads of pictures from Madrid I know. So – here are our “make friends with the locals pics” for your personal attention.

Here is Anthony at the German bar where all the Spanish waitresses were wearing dirndls. They didn’t even do tapas. Just pretzels and sausages.

A bit like hanging out with Hobart really.

Oh God. Looking at that bull and thinking about blood I just realised I forgot completely about one last restaurant in Madrid called El Buey.

Okay so El Buey means “The Ox”. Which I think sums the whole place up pretty well.

The tan ceramic plate in front of me was so hot from the oven you could cook the think slices of steak on it. You order the meat for your table by weight – 750g is apparently right for two people. Look at it. It was  both fun and delicious. Again, apologies to all vegetarians out there. Unfortunately we did not burn ourselves so you cannot take pleasure in knowing there was pain and retribution for eating animals.

This was pretty booyah.

El Buey Calle Gral. Díaz Porlier
Calle General Diaz Porlier, 9
28001 Madrid
Teléfono de reservas: 91 575 80 66 – 91 575 31 28


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Another day in Madrid at another fabulous place. This one is two seconds walk from Chueca Metro Station. We ate Greek:

Tomato stuffed with taramasalata.

Of course with most places like this there were a variety of places to choose from – sushi, Italian, a few different versions of traditional Spanish.

Mercado de San Antón Chueca C/ Augusto Figueroa