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Woohoo easier than the Eurostar and much better than a Gastropub for brunch, the people behind Le Peche Mignon now have a Brasserie called Assiette Anglaise. The name means “A plate of cold meats”. It is funny what the French think of the British :)

So let’s take a traditional British Male out for brunch on a Sunday morning. Last night we had been at the Lamb drinking various beers at a little festival they had going so coffee and food was needed.

The Assiette Anglaise. There is also a Vegetarian Assiette that sounded just as good and a third choice which I forget.

Brioche French Toast with Creme Fraiche and apricots. This was too good. My eyes were bigger than my belly ready the menu – well not quite – more like I didn’t know what to choose because it read so well, because I also had this:

Sausage, beans and duck egg.

Which, as you can see I shared half with Anthony (I think he was counting on it.)

And then JUST BECAUSE WE COULD, not because we needed to we also had dessert. Why I don’t know. I was already full and I seriously began to hallucinate after this:

Snowy white Roulade with apricot jam and let last of summer fruits with creme fraiche

And a chocolate and raspberry cake that blew Anthony’s head off.

Assiette Anglaise
489 Liverpool Road
London N7 8NS
Open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner; closed Sunday evening.


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