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On any trip I always like to visit the local fragrance stores looking for something special. In this particular case, while in Madrid we discovered Isolée which has a whole floor devoted to perfume, candles, cosmetics and even some Jonathan Adler homewares.

The Ramon Monegal scents were particularly interesting because the perfumer comes from Barcelona. As it happens, “Ramon Monegal comes from a long and distinquished line of the most important perfumer in Barcelona and Spain. He represents the fourth generation of the founders of the House of Myrurgia, which was the official purveyor of the Spanish Royal Family, and the most important international perfumists in Spain.”

The official description of the scent is Musc Blanc, Musc de Fruit, Muscenone, Acord Cerise, Fraise, Mousse d’Arbre, Rose Chinoise.

My description of this scent is far more simple – just musky morello cherries. Not too sweet and not too fruity. I haven’t stopped wearing it since I bought it.

Also the bottle and black screw jar the bottle goes in is a beauty.


Isolée Claudio Coello
Claudio Coello 55
Barrio de Salamanca
28001 Madrid

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