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When I have to go to Paris for work, I always stay at the same hotel.  Just down the road is a Japanese French Boulangerie called Aki and inside you will see some of the most amazing things in the world. As far as Boulangeries go, Aki Boulangerie is the top of my list. Not to be confused with Sadaharu Aoki of course which is a patisserie. At Aki Boulangerie you can get this wonderful Matcha Muffins and Matcha Buns stuffed with white chocolate. You can also get strawberry buns or caramel buns and a whole other list of muffins too. There is more traditional bread, the most beautiful looking fig buns and something that they don’t do at Sadaharu Aoki; YUZU ECLAIRS. Which I am sure are divine but I didn’t get one cause I know the time will come when Anthony is with me and he will be double fisting the eclair array.

As all the staff at Aki Boulangerie are Japanese (it is really weird speaking French with someone who has a Japanese accent for me BTW) even the drink selection has a very Japanese flavour. I got to try this:

Some Melon Creamy Soda. It wasn’t very creamy but it was very melony! Haha.

Okay and last but not least about Aki Boulangerie, just down the road is a massive (for French standards) Japanese supermarket and a shop selling these:

The traditional.

And the not so traditional!

Japanese Star Wars Textiles. Sadly for the French / Japanese economy the shop was shut because I think I would bought them all to make a dress (and I never even saw a Star Wars movie) but I love the traditional blossoms with the characters. It looks really cool!

Aki Boulangerie
11 Rue Sainte-Anne  75001 Paris, France
01 42 97 54 27


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