Yellow Magic Orchestra “Rydeen” in a Kirin commercial.
Biggest Playas in Da Game.
Brrraaaaapppp etc.

Which got me thinking about the TV series Monkey that was on in Australia every day after school year in and year out. I have the album from the band Godiego who wrote the them song. They have a song called “Asiatic Fever”. The lyrics go like this:

Got the fever
The Asiatic fever

Somebody help me
I got it bad
It’s driving me crazy
I’m going mad

I’m turning yellow
My hair’s turning black
I’m talking funny
But it’s a real snap

I looked up the video and found the Japanese version and it was cool to watch the opening sequence and listen to the man speak Japanese but know EXACTLY what he was saying: “Elemental forces cause the egg to hatch…” etc. BUT when the stone Monkey old as creation springs from the egg I was in for a real surprise!! The version I had grown up with had been re-edited.

When I was in Tokyo once there were cardboard cut-outs of Pigsy [the ORIGINAL one] as the real life dude dressed in a suit advertising something in loads of stores I went into. The weirdest thing I saw in Tokyo was on TV – the movie Mad Max dubbed into Japanese.

Another thing you probably won’t find funny unless you are Australian is this:

Or this:

Later dudes xx Lektrogirl

Well I said I would never make a blog, but today I finally relented and here I am on the couch with my vile cold editing the template of my new blog.

Last night I went out with Roxy to Chalk, the night at the Scala with all the promise and potential but either I don’t get wasted enough or the rooms are never quite full enough. Or hang on a minute… we are just in London. I was super excited cause my friend Teki Latex was gonna be there with his band TTC. Also playing was Kap Bambino who I have been dying to see live for a long time.

Last time I saw Teki was in Paris when he was hosting the last “New Jack Swing Bitch Ass Darius” Diamond Grills party put on by DJ’s Goon and Koyote. I was there with Prolkoller who was nursing a broken heart and she had some deathly cold that weekend and so to cheer her up I was being totally retarded, getting more and more drunk, crazy dancing, rolling around on the stage and humping the speakers [Phillipa Cardinal didn’t believe me when I told her this is my usual behaviour.] Teki did his usual “Now all the girls get up on stage and let me see you shake your ass routine” but being the faux female equlity dudette that I am, I decided to get a few guys on stage and make them dry hump me for comical effect. After doing so, Teki was giving the big ups to Lektrogirl and pointing and me, so I gave his finger fellatio to a cheering Parisian audience. However I think his girlfriend wasn’t too thrilled. Hmmm… so where was I… yes, London. I had a t-shirt to give Teki from Bitch Ass Darius – one of the super hot NES Records t-shirts and a Katharine Hamnett LOVE t-shirt from the office. But thinking about it, Roxy and I realised we should have given TTC some of the limited edition LOVE and PEACE t-shirts that will be available on the website soon.

Through the haze of Benedryl cold and flu capsules, nasal sprays and cough sizzurp the TTC show was AMAZING!! Except for the fucking strobe light that pierced through my forehead right into my Occipital lobe where I had headache from a variety of reasons. They wiped the floor with JME who did a little showcase before them who was going on about MySpace like he invented it. TTC we so good in fact I missed going upstairs in time to catch Kap Bambino and all that was on by the time I got there was this revolting band that was excruciating to listen to. I had to wait for Roxy to weave her way up there in her Christian Louboutin’s. Seriously how she does it I dunno.