Big Tummy

April 15th, 2007 | Posted by The Booyah Cook in Recipe - (0 Comments)

OMG – Teki Latex Danse La Poutine!

1: Trempe les frites dans l’huile
2: Fais les cuire, c’est facile
3: Ajoute la sauce et le fromage squish squish, dans ton estomac des sensations magnifiques

Wow – that video doesn’t go for long enough!! So let’s talk about Missouri Sound Machine which if you checked out my MySpace page you would have heard their music on my profile for like ages now. Today I found by accident a long “live” mix from MSM. If you ignore the parts that are American jokes about old soft rock and stuff then it is pretty good! Listen.


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Beef carpaccio

Pork belly and polenta

Lamb and orange

Wine and home made chocolate

Not only a restaurant but concerts and films. They even do an EARLY BIRD BRUNCH on Sundays for €14,50 or take the Prosecco Refill option for €22,00

ELBE 76 Bismarckstrasse 60 20259 Hamburg
Tel: +49 [for hamburg?] 40 02 35