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Well I am laughing to myself as to what “the trots” means in Australia which is a bit funny because I am also in Hong Kong giving a brief culinary update after eating thing, or not eating things.

I have had black seasame ice cream, shaoxing wine ice cream (so disgusting), pumpkin ice cream, purple sweet potato ice cream and pink guava ice cream, $90 cans of coca cola in the hotel lobby, teas made from lychees, brown sugar and cloves or star anise and pine nuts, yakitori, scallops on snow, the “it” cakes that look a quite Christian Lacroix I suppose and oolong tea, jasmine tea, matcha tea macarons.

Things I haven’t eaten: dried fish, pickled oysters, those giant shellfish things that look like mammoth shrivelled grey cocks, dim sum or noodles.

Of course I have pictures of everything but not the facility right now to upload so the real posts about everything will come later.

I have also seen two German beer halls, one with a very decent restaurant with huge chunks of meat and errrr, rice… King Ludwig on Salisbury Road and another one. Was a pretty seedy street so don’t know if I would want to go back to that one.

In other news I have seen three cats – one in a cake tin in a shop window, one a bit crippled running from the fruit market making its way up to the alley near Shanghai Street (dodging dried orange peel perhaps?) and tonight a BLACK one RAN OUT IN FRONT OF ME. It too had a hobbledy walk and only half a tail. I wonder if it was meant to be bad luck? I hardly think so.

I had some bad luck before I saw the cat – my plane was to land back in London on 30th November at Heathrow. No thanks. So I have had the flight changed to land in Paris instead. I didnt pay for it, work did. I am happy to be able to have my birthday there afterall.

BUT BEFORE I GO BACK I have tried two nights in a row to go to Butler on Mody Street which has one the Best Bar award here in HK and both times, fail. Tomorrow night or bust.


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