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No, the name isn’t a joke! It is the name of the restaurant recommended as best Dim Sum in HK by HK Time Out. I was determined to have some local food that wasn’t boiling stomachs or those giant shellfish things that look like enormous horse sized grey penises in the tanks in the middle of the supermarket.

So, at midnight, on my light night in HK, I set off walking to find this place in a pretty no-where area in Kowloon side. All of Honk Kong is safe, and the only creepy places are Chung King Mansions on Nathan Road and the aggressive Indian street hawkers following you muttering “Fake Watches, Fake Hand Bags” who get annoyed when you tell them no. Although I did get followed by an Indian guy on this particular stroll – I eluded him by waiting in a 7/11 until he buggered off – and because of that I felt I had to send a little text back home to the office so they knew where I was, just in case… But totally unnecessary!



I could have ordered far more adventurously than I did, but I was hungry and didn’t have the stomach for any surprises at that hour. I opted for (l to r): Baked pineapple cakes, Fried somethings with wasabi, Siu Mai and Steamed Beef with tangerine rind balls.

The baked pineapple cakes were filled with pineapple pieces and were really yummy. The wasabi things I didn’t like at all – I thought they were a bit greasy and slimy all at the same time although the 6 young HK guys at the table next to me were loving them. Siu Mai, were really delicious but the real winner was the Beef and tangerine. Along Reclamation Street at the end of the fruit market you see all the orange peels drying all over every surface in the sun and the smell is wonderful. Here it is cooked with the beef mince, water chestnut and onion. Totally delicious.

All of the dim sum here are cooked from scratch and made to order in the little kitchen adjoining the restaurant. There are no glass cases with dim sum steaming in them all day long. The menus are in English and Chinese and the staff speak enough English to help with any questions. And if they can’t a nearby table will be approachable to ask with teens and 20 somethings who’s English will be pretty fluent.

My whole meal cost £6.

Dimdim Sum Dimsum Specialty Store
21-23 Man Ying St, Jordan,
2771 7766. Daily 10.30am-1am.


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