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On a stinking hot day at the moment where you know you have to eat and no-one can make up their mind and you have to make a decision before the vibe gets agro and suddenly you smell something delicious coming from down the road. So you follow your nose, sit down thinking “Great, what a relief. We found somewhere.” Then the waiter puts the menu in front of you and you realise you are about to have the most expensive lunch of your life.

Welcome to Alkalde.

Now having said that, it was probably the most exceptional meal of the whole trip. Also having said that, possibly when I was someone’s guest at Le Prevot in Iles Sur La Sorge, France that was more expensive because there was a lot wine involved. Anyway here is how we spent our money in Madrid…

Anthony and I shared a salad as starter – anchovy and avocado salad. We were laughing cause they were the fattest, biggest juiciest anchovies either of us had ever seen – and Hobart would still have run off with the lettuce. Shame there is no picture so we could have asked her when we got home. She has been in the foulest mood since I returned.

Roe buck in chocolate sauce accompanied by something we think could be apple and chestnut. Though didn’t think to ask!

“Tuna in citrics” with fennel. I think marinaded in lemon and lime. This was really an incredible piece of fish.

Then we shared a dessert. This is Curd with walnut sauce. I hate walnuts but even I have to say this was brilliant. The curd I guess is set with gelatin (or agar agar) but I have no idea how the sauce is made. Any clues anyone please let me know. Anthony was well chuffed that I only wanted a taste.

Our pics of the food do not do it justice. You should check it out on the restaurant website (link below).

Good to know that this place is open every day and open uninterrupted through the day. And yes it still has those same gross misty cool water misters that are everywhere. Makes me think I will get TB if the water touches me.

Alkalde Restaurante

Jorge Juan N0 10, 28001 Madrid, Spain +915 763 359

Talk about celebrity spotting, here is Bernie Winters on our second visit to Daniela on our Madrid holiday.

A shame you cant really see the egg. The yokes were PERFECT and runny. I felt very British eating this like I was in Ibiza.

Anthony ate his own weight in morcilla. Sorry for the gruesome meat pics Bev. I kept thinking about you all holiday!

The waitress remembered me from last time and knew which dessert I wanted!

BTW who is that guy in the background? Anthony’s phone tagged him as Sylvester Stallone.

Any, for some culture and less food, here is a picture from earlier in the day:

This is Plaza de Colon and this flag is the biggest “a Rojigualda” in Spain. Anthony looks like a midget next to it.

Taberna La Daniela 
Calle del General Pardiñas, 21, 28001 Madrid, Spain
+34 810 50 37 67 ‎ ·