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Woohoo easier than the Eurostar and much better than a Gastropub for brunch, the people behind Le Peche Mignon now have a Brasserie called Assiette Anglaise. The name means “A plate of cold meats”. It is funny what the French think of the British :)

So let’s take a traditional British Male out for brunch on a Sunday morning. Last night we had been at the Lamb drinking various beers at a little festival they had going so coffee and food was needed.

The Assiette Anglaise. There is also a Vegetarian Assiette that sounded just as good and a third choice which I forget.

Brioche French Toast with Creme Fraiche and apricots. This was too good. My eyes were bigger than my belly ready the menu – well not quite – more like I didn’t know what to choose because it read so well, because I also had this:

Sausage, beans and duck egg.

Which, as you can see I shared half with Anthony (I think he was counting on it.)

And then JUST BECAUSE WE COULD, not because we needed to we also had dessert. Why I don’t know. I was already full and I seriously began to hallucinate after this:

Snowy white Roulade with apricot jam and let last of summer fruits with creme fraiche

And a chocolate and raspberry cake that blew Anthony’s head off.

Assiette Anglaise
489 Liverpool Road
London N7 8NS
Open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner; closed Sunday evening.

After the response to my last perfume post, I have decided it must be worth doing a second. This time I choose a British perfume made in England.

Amber is made by Laboratory Perfumes and is an Eau de Toilette or a scented candle. I like the science lab packaging for the bottle and the bottle itself is labeled like a beaker on the back. The sculpture in the background is an original “piece” called “Hobart” as made by yours truly. Dora my cleaner saw my sculpture and picked it up and looked at it, then looked at me and said “I hope you didn’t pay money for that.”

Officially, the scent is described as balmy layers of wood, earth and ambergris, with green spicy top notes. More simply I would describe it as sophisticated pineapples. Good for men and women.

The other scent made by Laboratory perfumes is Gorse – “Subtle notes of cardamon transport us to the coast and countryside. Gorse is fresh and zesty with citrus top notes.” Equally delicious. I was standing in Liberty and had a hard time choosing between the two.

If you like the Comme des Garçons scents like the Sherbert series, Leaves series or Incense series it might be worth giving this a try for a change and buy some “local product”.