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I have written about Mrs B’s Cakery before and I am still not sure what kind of favourite it is, but is definitely one of something. Maybe just the hybrid word Cakery? It isn’t a patisserie because everything is too booyah made up to be that. And it isn’t a bakery because there is no bread. Anyway, while in Hong Kong if you want to explore around Hollywood Road, Cat Street and Gage Street then go back to your hotel room and stuff yourself on exquisite cake and watch HK TV I can fully recommend Mrs B’s as the place to go to get the cake before jumping in a taxi. Similarly, if you are travelling for a birthday or some other celebration and want to order a cake in, I would pick Mrs B’s again.

There is no seating or drinks available from the shop. It is not much bigger than the fridges the cakes are in. But there is some serious lemon curd and cheesecake going on.


The one on the left is my favourite – red bean!

Mrs B’s Cakery
39 Gough Street
Central, Hong Kong

I just got back from Lisbon and as per usual I spent half the time on the trail of baking equipment to make the local desserts. More of that later. But it is the same search in every new city I go and the most surprising I guess was when I was looking for any kind of speciality cooking stores or whatever in Hong Kong. I am always looking for new tins, new moulds, new tools.

As it happens the place to go in Hong Kong is Shanghai Street. There are other cookware shops on the island that sell the same things as London / Paris but on Shanghai Street you will find everything to set up your own restaurant down to some great cheap nik naks for the kitchen.

I Love Cake
This is THE cake baking shop of Hong Kong. They even have a fridge of imported butter from France. The whole shop is dedicated to baking, muffin and cup cake papers in printed you can only dream of, metal and silicon moulds, cookie cutters in every shape, colouring, decoration, a whole gang of chemical additives if you so desire  (I don’t) to assist in professional baking. They have their own YouTube channel and the store “brand icon” is a weird ass mash together of Ronald McDonald, Mickey Mouse and Super Mario’s hat with a whisk in his hand.

Man Kee Chopping Board
Far to heavy for your suitcase this is the place where you go to buy some of the most massive wooden chopping boards and blocks you have ever seen. You also wouldn’t want someone to go nuts in this place because Man Kee Chopping Board has every kind of knife, cleaver and blade to go with it all. There is a good selection of wooden serving spoons and vegetable cutters (lucky animals for Chinese New Year stir fry out of carrot… you know what I mean) And alongside this shop (walk through walls) is the shop I go to for general bake ware moulds and tools. You need to check everything though for durability and quality here – it can be a mixed bag. I usually go for things that I might only used once or twice or am thinking about an experiment to try – then if it works or I start using them a lot and I want to replace them I will go to Paris and buy the same thing over for 10 times the price.

I couldn’t find a website for this place, so in the meantime check here.

Other Shops In The Area
You will definitely be able to kill a couple of hours on both sides of the street. Both sides of the street is lined with similar shops – but one will be more dinnerware and another more ornamental stuff and other professional fat fryers.