December 2nd, 2011 | Posted by The Booyah Cook in Paris

Oh Hai! It’s me! Having my birthday in Paris!

A brief report:

First meal in Paris – le petit menu de Mc Donald’s AKA TONIQUE AKA Egg and Bacon McMuffin. Then had a whole gang of stuff from the supermarket with Anthony at the hotel for lunch. Dinner was my birthday dinner treat – we went to the opening night of Verjus (the people from The Hidden Kitchen) and had the first tofu of my life I actually enjoyed. 7 courses later and a bottle of wine I was ready to pass out with jet lag. Today has been a mother of a bloody burger at L’Estaminet and cakes from Aoki Sadaharu eaten in Jardin du Luxemburg – black seasame eclair and matcha eclair with a selection of 7 macarons – violet, matcha, wasabi, yuzu, black sesame and two japanese tea flavours I can’t be bothered getting up off the chair to find the pamphlet. Then to the Viennese Patisserie for a famous Hot Chocolate with cream. And then a long walk home from the 6th to the 3rd past Patisserie Pain du Sucre to discover that the shop has expanded next door as well! So the old shop is just savoury stuff and the new shop is all the sweets.

Dinner has not yet been decided on.

Yes all we are doing is eating – and farting in Anthony’s case.

Pictures of everything but the farts later.

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