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I had a dessert at my birthday dinner, but no real cake. I was kind of too out of it with jet lag. However, on the day after my birthday, this is what we ate to celebrate:

Sadaharu Aoki eclairs – Black Sesame and Green Tea flavour. BEST EVER.

I am not joking. You can serious fuck off a cheeky little  Maison Bertaux Banana Eclair in comparison to these.

Then of course, in the Jardin du Luxembourg comes the obligatory macaron taste test. One required every trip to Paris at a patisserie chosen randomly.

Black Sesame. Better than the Hong Kong one from Paul Lafayet. But not my favourite.

Three green ones. Matcha,  Genmaicha (green tea with rice soufflé) and Wasabi.
The green tea one of course banging. Anthony was convinced the Genmaicha was the Wasabi. Until he had the Wasabi. I would like to taste them again without being confused over the flavours. I think the Genmaicha was nice, but weird when you consider I was thinking it was Wasabi. And sweet wasabi. YUM.

This was another weird tea flavour Houjicha (Thé vert boisé) . It was delicate and very nice. Not like the Oolong jobby from Honkers.

And the last two were Violette and Yuzu. Yuzu is the japanese citrus fruit, half lemon, half tangerine and well tangy. As expected, the violet one tasted like a very delicate knicker drawer. The yuzu one – given that I hate lemon macarons – was the surprise favourite and I could have wolfed another dozen if I had them.

On the list remaining that I would like to taste from Sadaharu Aoki are: Earl Grey, Umé (Prune salée), Saya (Fraise et pistache) and the Peche cannelle. Of course there is the usual raspberry, strawberry, chocolate etc and I wouldn’t say no but I well fancy the Umé (Chinese plum / Japanese Apricot) one to check out how that is.

After that lot, we were both very pleased with ourselves and it was a very yummy birthday treat. And not only those delights, we got to look at all the toadstools that were growing in the lawn in the park while all the joggers with their iPods and stretch lyrca bounced by.

Sadaharu AOKI
boutique Vaugirard
35 rue de Vaugirard
75006 Paris
+33 (1) 45 44 48 90


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  • I am now in Paris for a few days (from Hong Kon), and having tried so many macarons in Paris over the years I’ve got to say Sadaharu Aoki does a very good job!

    The Ume one with a little bit of black sesame is my favourite there, it is astonishingly good!! Agree about the Paul Lafayet ones in HK – they just don’t have the right texture compared to proper Parisian Macaron Gerbets ! Wish we have a Laduree or Jacques Genin over there ; )

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