The Booyah Cook isn’t a regular food or lifestyle or restaurant review blog at all.

I am just a regular person who likes cooking and believes you should be able to eat anything you want so long as you made it yourself. I am also one of “those types” who believe that people should be able to cook, I dislike shop bought processed meals (although like everyone I will eat a pizza from the supermarket when I can’t be bothered making one. I also drink Coke AND Pepsi.) I like it more cooking a load of stuff and having people over for “family dinner”. I like it when people eat together.

So as I just reveled, not everything about me is perfect.

I like trying new recipes and food combination ideas. I especially like finding very simple things to cook that taste brilliant. Being a very lazy person, in the moment tasting one of these dishes where simplicity meets awesome I have achieved my goal and say to myself and anyone else who will listen: BOOYAH.

And by the way, nothing I say really makes sense. Because I say I am lazy and look for simplicity – then I have laboured dozens of time over learning how to make macarons.

Other things I like: vintage photos of nudie ladies.

Other things I like: Paris. Pretty food.

Other things I like: My cat Hobart. (She likes pom poms although these buttons seemed quite interesting at the time. She felt she had to “guard” them.)

But most of all I like making it up as I go along and coming up with something BOOYAH.

And if you made it this far:

Let’s not forget the The Booyaa Tribe. And this is the real heart of the matter Boo-Yaa Technology that used to live here on the Beige Website but the website is decaying. You can kind of read about it here on Tom Moody’s Digital Media Tree.


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