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We sat at the bar at Butler and were listening to the music. Anthony spotted it was a really gentle jazz version of Rydeen by YMO. We asked the barman (Masayuki Uchida) about the music and he said his friend made it for him in Japan for the bar. Then eventually we got on to talking about drinks, YMO and the barman told me about Ryuchi Sakamoto’s favourite drink which is from a famous bar back in Japan. I didn’t think to watch as it was made: lemony, limey and a few drops of blue curacao in the bottom of the glass.

Anthony’s Moscow Mule. Not a lot to see but it was enough to get me to buy a bottle of vodka and infuse it with fresh ginger, just as they used at Butler.

What a lovely Olympic leg. And in the foreground is my Yuzu cocktail –  Yuzu liquor, vodka, lemon juice, dried yuzu peel.

Brandy Alexander

This was Anthony’s last. Made with tea liqueur, Cointreau and some other stuff I don’t remember.

My last one. A slice of melon, midori, absolute citron, honey syrup.

You can read about the last time I visited Butler here.

5/F, Mody House, 30 Mody Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2724 3828.

This is the second time I have been to DimDim Sum Dim Sum Speciality Store - but this time a different branch in Wan Chai.

Prawn stuff aubergine and pineapple and custard stuffed puffs. The pineapple ones are mega.

Steamed BBQ pork buns. Which I am going to have a go at making some time.

Crispy noodle and Prawn rolls. These were pretty killer actually.

Fried pork rolls.

Actually posting this is killing me. I am drooling thinking about it. Too delicious.

Last but not least, the Steamed Beef with Tangerine balls. This is a traditional dish and if you are into meet – have it.

Now at three locations, Jordan, Mong Kok (Kowloon side) and Wan Chai (Island side).


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I have written about Mrs B’s Cakery before and I am still not sure what kind of favourite it is, but is definitely one of something. Maybe just the hybrid word Cakery? It isn’t a patisserie because everything is too booyah made up to be that. And it isn’t a bakery because there is no bread. Anyway, while in Hong Kong if you want to explore around Hollywood Road, Cat Street and Gage Street then go back to your hotel room and stuff yourself on exquisite cake and watch HK TV I can fully recommend Mrs B’s as the place to go to get the cake before jumping in a taxi. Similarly, if you are travelling for a birthday or some other celebration and want to order a cake in, I would pick Mrs B’s again.

There is no seating or drinks available from the shop. It is not much bigger than the fridges the cakes are in. But there is some serious lemon curd and cheesecake going on.


The one on the left is my favourite – red bean!

Mrs B’s Cakery
39 Gough Street
Central, Hong Kong


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If you would like to try a Yuzu eclair and a matcha tea cook, go to the Aki Boulangerie in Paris. Other pics and details here.


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It was a quick work trip and I don’t know Barcelona so well. It could have been really nice but it wasn’t. Like the counter staff were very nice but kept talking for ages before recognizing you were there. Or one of the bar staff was an utter dickhead – I dunno if he though he was being funny or what telling me what I really wanted was a Cosmopolitan (?! PLEASE?!) Later a younger girl went back to the bar saying it was too alcoholic could they water it down for her, they were laughing about her behind her back in front of me. Not cool.

On the other hand, the restaurant staff within the hotel were outstanding and the service was great. I had a great fish and rice soup and then here is my dessert. It is a melon soup with melon sorbet and mint. It was really delicious. However it does look like a knob coming out of a bowl of whatever…

This cake shop is meant to be one of the best in Barcelona. I don’t know if I would say that. This was like a victoria sponge inside and all a bit dry.

So, better luck next time hey Barcelona?


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Ryan Lo was one of the Fashion East Designers showing this year on Lulu Guiness’ schedule. His clothes are pink, trashy, girly and fabulous. And a little bit freaky when you realise some are from knitted tinsel. A few weeks later, Anthony and I ate in China Town and I had this desert. It is just like one of Ryan Lo’s dresses.

See: google image search here

<3 <3 <3



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Cause of course some places go on about home style cooking in a restaurant. But this is real home.

This was poussin cooked like this: recipe from Gourmet Traveller

The oranges were a recipe from Sam & Sam Clark at Moro from their book East. The recipe isn’t on this page but some other great looking recipes from them are.

But it was the most awesome brunch in Paris. The Emperor Norton people are doing loads of other food based projects (google!). Now I can go back to loving L’Estaminet the most.


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I have said it before and I will say it again, one of the best patisseries in Paris.

P.S. Vans obvs shoe of choice in Paris these days.


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I heard a noise in my chest of drawers and it took some deep investigation as to the origin. Little pervert.

I pulled out the drawer to make a little more room for her and found she has a secret stash there down the back.


A bit there isn’t a cat version of this


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Good on crumpets in winter this is Taiwanese sweet sesame past I bought in Hong Kong. The sheets are from Cotton and Cologne.

P.S. I don’t do anything weird in bed with this paste.

I saw this when I was walking down Junction Road to get my nails done the other day and laughed to myself thinking about Hollywood Road in Hong Kong. Hollywood Road is famous for selling Chinese antiques. Which seriously are ANTIQUES. And then in about 30 years time (our children?!) will be looking at this stuff in this phone shop saying “Check out the olden days… a DHL PLASTIC BAG. LOL.”

I just flicked back at my other two perfume posts and realise that like this perfume, the others also smell like food.

Esprit du Roi smells like the green stalks when a tomato is plucked off the vine. This particular smell reminds me very much of my father – who grew tomatoes annually and with great vigor. There is nothing better than home grown tomatoes.

The official jam: “Originally created in 1983, Esprit du Roi returns as a lush woody citrus, heady with swirling scented foliage. Fresh tomato leaf, mint and raspberry leaf are combined with rich florals, warm woods and potent musks to create this masterpiece of contrasts.”

I find with the Penhaligon’s scents you either love it a lot or find it vile – you can’t recommend one to someone based on the fact they like another. They vary so much with such a big range. Also I can’t say “check” because the three people that reviewed it, two slated it completely.

Any, if you want to smell like being in the garden with your dad, this is it.



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Woohoo easier than the Eurostar and much better than a Gastropub for brunch, the people behind Le Peche Mignon now have a Brasserie called Assiette Anglaise. The name means “A plate of cold meats”. It is funny what the French think of the British :)

So let’s take a traditional British Male out for brunch on a Sunday morning. Last night we had been at the Lamb drinking various beers at a little festival they had going so coffee and food was needed.

The Assiette Anglaise. There is also a Vegetarian Assiette that sounded just as good and a third choice which I forget.

Brioche French Toast with Creme Fraiche and apricots. This was too good. My eyes were bigger than my belly ready the menu – well not quite – more like I didn’t know what to choose because it read so well, because I also had this:

Sausage, beans and duck egg.

Which, as you can see I shared half with Anthony (I think he was counting on it.)

And then JUST BECAUSE WE COULD, not because we needed to we also had dessert. Why I don’t know. I was already full and I seriously began to hallucinate after this:

Snowy white Roulade with apricot jam and let last of summer fruits with creme fraiche

And a chocolate and raspberry cake that blew Anthony’s head off.

Assiette Anglaise
489 Liverpool Road
London N7 8NS
Open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner; closed Sunday evening.


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When I have to go to Paris for work, I always stay at the same hotel.  Just down the road is a Japanese French Boulangerie called Aki and inside you will see some of the most amazing things in the world. As far as Boulangeries go, Aki Boulangerie is the top of my list. Not to be confused with Sadaharu Aoki of course which is a patisserie. At Aki Boulangerie you can get this wonderful Matcha Muffins and Matcha Buns stuffed with white chocolate. You can also get strawberry buns or caramel buns and a whole other list of muffins too. There is more traditional bread, the most beautiful looking fig buns and something that they don’t do at Sadaharu Aoki; YUZU ECLAIRS. Which I am sure are divine but I didn’t get one cause I know the time will come when Anthony is with me and he will be double fisting the eclair array.

As all the staff at Aki Boulangerie are Japanese (it is really weird speaking French with someone who has a Japanese accent for me BTW) even the drink selection has a very Japanese flavour. I got to try this:

Some Melon Creamy Soda. It wasn’t very creamy but it was very melony! Haha.

Okay and last but not least about Aki Boulangerie, just down the road is a massive (for French standards) Japanese supermarket and a shop selling these:

The traditional.

And the not so traditional!

Japanese Star Wars Textiles. Sadly for the French / Japanese economy the shop was shut because I think I would bought them all to make a dress (and I never even saw a Star Wars movie) but I love the traditional blossoms with the characters. It looks really cool!

Aki Boulangerie
11 Rue Sainte-Anne  75001 Paris, France
01 42 97 54 27